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Strengthening the Least of These and Those Who Serve Them

Strengthening Hands International was launched in 2002 to help address the challenges of poverty and illiteracy in the developing world and to strengthen those who have sacrificed the comfort, financial security and the safety of their homes in the West to meet these needs. In addition to continuing our work on these issues with mission partners worldwide, SHI is currently planning the development of a mission lodge on Table Rock Lake as a center for training, counseling, refreshment and encouragement for those who have served the poor in some of the toughest and most challenging political, economic and religious environments on the globe.  

“I am very excited to have you back in Branson.

You aren’t just talking about helping the poor, you are doing it."

Jack Herschend

Co-Founder, Herschend Family Entertainment and Silver Dollar City


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.”

John F. Kennedy



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